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The town of Pavia is home to unique and colorful annual festivities which reflects is values, beliefs and perhaps its ancestry. One of its famous celebrations during summer is the Carabao - Carroza Race. This normally takes place every 3rd of May. During this festivity, Carabaos pulling bamboo sleigh or Carroza are entered into a 400 meter contest. The makeshift sleighs are decorated with different native stuffs during the parade. The second festivity is the “Tigkaralag Festival” which is being celebrated every 30th day of October – an All Soul’s Day celebration.

This quiet and humble town celebrates life so frantically unique that local and foreign tourists are even attracted to their joyous celebrations. This is the reason why Deca Homes Iloilo has provided its own community amenities to level up to that happy environment of the sweet town of Pavia.

Low priced as it is, Deca Homes provided reasonable amount of facilities and amenities for its residents to enjoy life within its very own community.


  • Guardhouse and 24/7 security: To ensure the safety of everyone within the community, a guardhouse being manned 24/7 by well-trained security personnel are on the move properly securing the entire premises and controlling the influx of the ins and outs of people.
  • Concrete Roads: To facilitate much easier and faster movements of people within the community, fully concreted and wider access roads are in place to facilitate that movement. It is also much easier to ensure cleanliness throughout the place with concreted roads.
  • Cemented Sidewalks: These cleaner sidewalks are safe zones for people walking around the community on-foot. Cemented sidewalks are also safe walking and jogging path for everyone in the morning.
  • Underground drainage system: Everyone needs to be ready with rapid weather changes these days. Heavy downpour of rain results to so much flooding all over the country and it was based on this understanding that Deca Homes was provided with a good network of underground drainage system to easily wipe surface run-offs in cases where there are heavy rains.
  • Water and Electrical Power system: Deca Homes Iloilo in Pavia is a huge community with a power consumption so high that we decided to take care of its own electrical and water supply system so as to ensure a steady supply for each household 24/7.
  • Perimeter Fence: Nothing is reassuring that that the thought of having your entire family on safer grounds while you are away from home. These concrete perimeter walls will make sure that all residents enjoy the exclusivity of the village grounds without fear of intrusion from non-residents.



  • Church: For most Christian believers, Sundays are important days for worship purposes. With this Deca Homes provided a community church within its own grounds for Sunday worship services.
  • Multi-purpose Hall: Designed to foster and maintain good relationships among residents within the community, the multi-purpose hall is a functional place that could accommodate both private and public affairs.
  • Basketball Court: Perfect for health conscious young men who loves basketball. Time to win some friends and extend acquaintances.
  • Swimming Pool: Best time for families to spend their weekends together, as what the kids would always want to do, swimming. Time to bond through swimming. 
  • Wakeboard Park
  • Church
  • Swimming Pool
  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Basketball Court
  • Gated and Landscaped Entrance Arc
  • Guardhouse and 24/7 Security
  • Concrete Roads
  • Cemented Sidewalks
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Water And Electrical Power System
  • Perimeter Fence
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